Your music and YOU!

I have been a musician for many years, mainly as a Lead/Rythmn guitarist, and I have also invested a lot of time and money learning the art of producing.  Therefore, I know from experience that you need all the help you can get in this business.  I understand all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes that few ever know about... the hours spent learning your craft, conceiving new song ideas, writing, practicing, rehearsing, performing and recording, always struggling to find the time to persue your passion for music.  You have to ask yourself... Is it worth it?  Yes, of course it is,  It's what we do!  Maybe I can help you in a small way.

Calling all musicians

Have you recorded a song or a collection of songs?  Have you reached the next stage and are searching for an affordable, yet professional mix-engineer to take your work to the next level?   I can offer my services as an online mix-engineer to suitable clients, from full bands  to singer/songwriters.  I will consider mixing single songs, EP's or full Albums within the Rock, Rock/Pop, Blues, Indie, or similar genre's, and because I work from a home studio, I have very low expenditure, therefore I can reflect this in the price range, offering value for money.

Terms and Conditions

Contact me initially via email from the 'Contact Page', include a telephone number and a brief description of your music, the genre and how many songs you require to be mixed.  If you are a band then you will need to make your decisions as a group, then choose a spokesperson who I will deal with exclusively.  Ensure that the multi-tracks have been consolidated and saved into dropbox, please include a link.

Once I have mixed the song(s) I will send you an mp3 of the finished work for your  feedback and thoughts.  I will accept up to three revisions/recalls.  Once approved, I will then require the payment balance and I will send you the 44.1/16 bit WAV file(s) (for CD) and an mp3 version (for download) of your work.


I require 50% of the cost up-front before I work on the song(s).

Price per song:

Single (One song):   £140.00

EP (4 to 6 songs):     £135.00

LP (6 to 12 songs) : £130.00

If you require mastering add £130 per song.

Payment Details

Payments can be made using the Payment Button on the Contact Page.  Only PayPal payments are accepted.